Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout - Perfect Match Helper App

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Hello there!

This is an helper app for the Perfect Match minigame in the Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout videogame. If your memory keeps failing you, you're in the right place!

Use the board above to keep track of the fruits as you play, and by the end you'll confidently know the location of the correct fruit.


Hovering over a platform with your mouse will reveal the fruits, left clicking on any of them will set the platform to that fruit. If you made a mistake, you can erase a platform's state by left clicking in its center.

If you want to clear the board from all the fruits, simply press the R key.

You can also set any platform to the one you're standing on in the game by right clicking it. This may help you orient yourself. Click again on the fall guy to remove it.


New space themed icons have been added. The old fruits version is still available.